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You like traveling to unique destinations? You like wildlife? You like to immerse yourself in other cultures? You like a little adventure? Great, so do I!

Welcome to my personal travel diary turned travel blog. Here you can read about my exciting trips and the encounters I made – be it with humans or animals. I also share tried and tested travel and packing tipps and lessons learned from these destinations. I hope this information is useful to you in the least, and at best can serve as inspiration for your own next adventure.

I invite you to become part of my journey and

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About the Travel Feel

For me, ‘Travel’ goes beyond taking a break and relaxing or snapping pictures for my Instagram (or this blog). No photo, no video, no story can beat an experience you make for yourself. That is the essence of why I travel. I travel to feed my curiosity. I travel to learn. And ultimately, I travel to grow as a person.
I write about interesting topics I touched upon during my personal travel experiences. This hopefully translates into inspiring images and engaging stories about cultures, traditions, history, art and people. I truly hope this site can inspire you to travel deeply, with all senses in a way that enriches you way beyond your trips.

In essence, I sincerely hope it gives you THE TRAVEL FEEL.